Human: Fall Flat now has a PS5 version and it's a free upgrade


I’m expecting some chunky haptics

Human: Fall Flat, one of my couch co-op games of choice, just got a PlayStation 5 version. Current players can simply upgrade their PS4 version for free on the PlayStation Store, and new buyers can get both PS4 and PS5 versions bundled together for $20.

Here’s the trailer, though it’s more of a general montage than anything PS5-specific.

That said, the video does mention haptic feedback (as you’d expect at this point), and given how left-and-right-trigger-focused Human: Fall Flat is, I hope it’s tuned well. Some PS5 games tend to physically wear my fingers down. It takes a while to reach that point, but it has happened — looking at you, Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I revisited Human: Fall Flat for my regularly scheduled “Is there a new level? Oh, there is!” check-up. We got into the Forest level, we climbed up a mountain and over a crashed plane that was dangling over a chasm using tricky-to-grab cables, one arm at a time, and we got out. Fun times were had. A few falls, too.

Honestly, the PS4 version ran fine for me on PlayStation 5, but a native PS5 version of this or any game — especially a free one — isn’t something I’ll turn down.

If you’re wondering about the Xbox Series X/S upgrade, that already exists.