Humble Bundle has Torchlight II, Outlast, and Shadow Warrior for cheap


Plus some lesser-known but still great titles

Could’ve sworn we covered the Humble Indie Bundle 14, but I guess not. To recap: it’s a good way to score the Metroidvania-style RPG UnEpic for super cheap and/or Shadow Warrior for $10.

We’re now far enough into the sale that three new games have been added, bringing the total to:

  • Pay what you want: Pixel Piracy, Super Splatters, and UnEpic
  • Pay more than the average ($6): 140, Contraption Maker, La-Mulana, MirrorMoon EP, Outlast, and Torchlight II
  • Pay $10 or more: Shadow Warrior Special Edition

Puzzle fans in particular should get a kick out of those mid-sale additions. Contraption Maker is a sort of Rube Goldberg game from the creators of The Incredible Machine, while Mirror Moon EP is a space exploration puzzle title. There’s also 140, a trippy, rhythmic platformer. I couldn’t resist.