Humble Bundle is offering John Wick: Chapter 2 tickets alongside Payday 2


2 + 2 = Half-Life 3 Confirmed!

I know Humble Bundle has offered things like books in the past, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen them pre-selling tickets to an upcoming film. There is a first time for everything, though. Humble, alongside Starbreeze Studios, is giving us the John Wick bundle that includes the first film alongside two tickets to the upcoming sequel.

For the cheapest tier, you’ll receive Payday 2 and some small DLC, including a John Wick-inspired gun pack (because nothing screams John Wick like bank heists…). For $6 you’ll get the “Game of the Year” edition of Payday 2 and some mask DLC (plus the previous tier). $14 sees them throwing in Dead By Daylight, $25 gets you a pre-order for the John Wick Chronicles VR game, and $45 nets you the first film and the tickets for the new one (it should be noted that tickets are limited to the first 5,000 purchases and are for AMC or Regal theaters only).

Now, I’m not going to totally crap on John Wick as it was a decent film. The action was shot pretty well and I really liked how regular action movie tropes were thrown out the window. Sadly, the main villain then succumbs to stupid syndrome and begins complaining about how no one can kill John, despite having the guy knocked out right in front of him. I suppose there just has to be a totally contrived and thrown-together finale in every film.

Still, $45 seems a bit insane for three games (one of which isn’t even out yet) and a movie. I mean, you can get the 4K Blu-ray of the first film for $15 on Amazon and Dead By Daylight routinely goes on sale for cheap. I’ve heard Payday 2 isn’t worth a damn anymore, but with Starbreeze handling the game, maybe everything has changed. Still, I know I’ve seen the “Game of the Year” version for $5 during a Steam sale.

Supporting charity is always a nice thing, so maybe I’m just being too frugal about this. Well, if you feel like biting the bullet, you only have a few more days to get a shot at this deal. If you don’t feel like going through Humble Bundle, pre-ordering the John Wick Chronicles game on Steam will net you Payday 2 and the John Wick DLC for a short time.

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