Humble Bundle to cap how much money from each purchase goes to charity


Donate up to 15%

My Steam library is far larger than it should be given I’m primarily a console player and I don’t even own a gaming PC. But several years ago, it exploded in size when a coworker got me into Humble Bundles. Before then, I’d buy the occasional PC title, usually heavily discounted. With the bundles, I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to purchase a hell of a lot of games that I would ultimately never play while also supporting some of my favorite charities.

I’ll admit, whenever I bought a bundle, I didn’t give much of my money to the developers or Humble Bundle itself. I’d always move the slider to ensure as much of my purchase as possible would go to charity. Is that a dickish way for me to treat the developers who made their games available through the service? Absolutely. But back when I bought into Humble Bundle, that’s just where my priorities were.

Come next month, that will no longer be an option.

As announced on its official blog, Humble Bundle will begin experimenting with a new system that replaces its well-known sliders with two donation options: Default Donation and Extra to Charity. With Default Donation, a $25 purchase will give $21.25 to the publisher, $1.25 to charity, and $2.50 to the Humble Bundle platform. If you select Extra to Charity, the publisher cut will be dropped to $20, Humble Bundle will get $1.25, and the charity will receive $3.75. Basically, you’re choosing between a 5% donation or a 15% donation to charity.

For developers, this means a more consistent amount of money from each bundle they participate in. For charities, well, you should probably just start donating money directly to your favorite non-profits. The switch to the new allocation system is set to happen around the end of May alongside some changes to the interface for bundle pages.

A note about sliders and our bundle pages[Humble Bundle]