Hundred Days is a video game about making wine


I want to make some ???? red red wine ????

There’s room in this world for more than one winery management sim, and Hundred Days – an upcoming PC game with some rather pleasant art direction – currently has my attention. I love it when video games can give me a glimpse into a subject I know little about, prodding me to learn more.

Hundred Days promises to follow the “entire winemaking process.” With the keys to a new winery, you’ll need to make decisions about vines, soil, yeast, harvesting, bottling, sales, and even marketing.

My hope after watching the trailer is that it’ll strike a balance between the fun of plopping down puzzle pieces and having to pore over cold hard data to make smart choices and succeed as a business. Tycoon games need to be inviting early on but ultimately offer enough depth to keep you engaged long-term.

If you like the premise as much as I do, there’s also Terroir and the board game Viticulture to consider. As for Hundred Days, despite its very recent reveal, the game is listed as “coming soon” on Steam.