Hyperkinetic Apex Legends trailer builds hype for Season 4


Assimilation Nation

Respawn Entertainment has dropped a new trailer hyping the new season of Apex Legends, which kicked off several hours ago. The new season – Assimilation – brings with it a new character, a powerful new weapon, new gear and tweaks to the in-game battlezone.

First and foremost, Assimilation introduces to the surprisingly sinister new hero, Revenant. This expert assassin, once human, was roboticised by his former employees and kept in a state of ignorance. Now fully aware of his cyber-state, Revenant wanders the land on a mission of perpetual vengeance, determined to hunt down those even remotely connected to the corporation that stripped him of his humanity, and anyone else who stands in his way.

Long-range fans will be eager to get their mitts on a brand new weapon, The Sentinel. This high-powered, bolt-action sniper rifle already packs a hell of a punch, and can do even more damage at the cost of a shield battery.

The map receives several new tweaks, including the addition of The Planet Harvester, a lava-filled tear splitting Capital City in two, (complete with gravity-boosting updrafts), and a new Survey Camp – located between Skyhook and Epicenter, which features an arsenal filled with guaranteed weaponry.

Aside from some of these big additions, Apex Legends also receives an absolute plethora of unlocks, from gear and skins, to Apex Packs, new loading screens, music and more. There has also been an abundance of balance changes on characters and weapons. For full details on all of the changes for season four, check out the official patch notes right here.Apex Legends is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.