I can't figure out if this life-size Mega Man is cute or Satan incarnate


You Got: scared children

Would you buy this giant Mega Man for nearly $300 (32,400 yen)? I wouldn’t either. Maybe $50? I mean I don’t even really have a place to put it, but seeing that smile on his face might brighten up my day every once in a while.

Now that I think about it, that smile doesn’t look genuine. And no matter what angle you view it at, it’s always staring straight at you. Like it’s peering into your very soul.

Okay so I probably would pay $50 to keep it out of my house. But if you want it, you can pre-order it off Amazon Japan (which is super easy to sign up for worldwide) for a December 24 release.

Mega Man [Amazon Japan via Rockman Corner]