I can't get enough of Tokyo 42's cityscape


Open-world stealth/action

Here’s a soothing look at that visually striking Syndicate-inspired action game Tokyo 42.

Missed the initial announcement? No problem. You’re in good hands. The basic setup is that you’re an up-and-coming assassin in a dense, futuristic Tokyo that’s absolutely popping with color. It has a bit of an old-school Grand Theft Auto vibe going for it, but it’s set from an isometric view.

This walkthrough from first-time publisher Mode 7 was the first thing I saw this morning, before my caffeine had fully kicked in, and it nearly calmed me back to sleep. It’s very easy on the ears.

Tokyo 42 won’t be out until 2017, so there’s much left to be done, but my early impressions are positive. While I’m not the biggest fan of this specific style of open-world game, the art is really doing it for me.