I can't wait to build up my fort in Torchlight III


It’s a side activity, but I’m already obsessed

I get the feeling that Torchlight III is going to hit at exactly the right moment for me. Anticipation is bubbling. Ever since the developers course-corrected away from Torchlight Frontiers, I’ve had a renewed interest, and the latest tidbit – the ability to build your own personal fort – speaks to me.

Echtra Games went over Torchlight III‘s fort-building system in a blog post today – it’s unlocked in Act I, it’s account-wide, and isn’t purely cosmetic (though that’s naturally a big part of it). As you play the game, you’ll earn new decorations in quests and contracts, and you can place objects – including stuff you craft – “anywhere at any time you want within your fort’s protective walls.” Here’s one example:

Torchlight III Barracks Tent

Forts are “the perfect place to enhance your characters, show off your loot and collections, store items, and visit with party members. Some structures are interactable and will serve invaluable to your character’s growth and progress throughout the game.” For instance, a Luck Tree can “bestow its blessing on fellow fortune-seekers” and an Enchanting Station can be used to share recipes.

The developers also mentioned that there will be “gameplay-enhancing buildings.” Music to my ears!

I love any game that lets me deck out a home, town, or base as I play. I’m gonna obsess over forts, especially knowing that I can get contribute with all of my characters, not just the first class I pick.

Torchlight III is heading to Steam sometime in 2020. My index finger is all ready to go.