I can't wait to die countless times in PUBG's desert map


Is a bullet better than dehydration?

During a Gamescom keynote presentation, Brenden Greene shared a quick look at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ upcoming desert map. According to Greene, the image reflects the level’s work-in-progress status, but if you ask me, it seems like a fine — if not sandy — place to die.

Much like PUBG‘s island battlefield, the desert location is run down and full of buildings that have seen better days. The central city featured in the image has a bunch of high-rise buildings, which might add a bit more verticality to the game’s tactical shootouts.

I’m looking forward to fighting my way through the desert map once it rolls out. I’ve clocked over 69 (nice) hours in PUBG so far, and I’ve just started to feel the single-stage fatigue start to creep in. Granted, those hours spent looting, shooting, and goofing off with the rest of the D-Team are some of my favorite gaming memories all year. Even the simple tease of a new map has me all sorts of excited to dozens of more hours in the game.