I could go for a Gurren Lagann Overwatch skin after this D.Va fanart



Ever since I heard D.Va was getting a buff at some point, I haven’t played her as much in Overwatch. She’s one of my favorites, but I don’t want to get too used to her current kit. That’s mostly because Overwatch‘s entire cast is so damn fun to play, but one day, I will return.

In the meantime you can enjoy Lagunis’ rendition of the character, with a decidedly Gurren Lagannspice to it. I absolutely love the fan response to this game so far. We’ve seen so many great works since Overwatchwas announced in 2014, and there are no signs of stopping.

That includes this other amazing live D.Va cosplay fromsuicideblxnde below based on this piece of art herefrom ChexGirlfriend!

Tengen Toppa D.va Lagann![Deviantart]