I don't think I can resist Subnautica: Below Zero any longer


It’s the final chance to play the story in its ‘current form’

It’s getting harder and harder to put off playing Subnautica: Below Zero, a game I know I’ll immediately fall in love with but would ideally rather dive into once it’s finished and out of Early Access. I’m at the point now where I’m even considering starting up a fresh save in the original game I’m that far gone!

The latest update for Subnautica: Below Zero, the Lost Ship update, might be the final push I need. It adds a cute little Trivalve companion that you can pet (not unlike Subnautica‘s beloved Cuddlefish).

Along with “polish and improvements” to biomes like Lilypad Islands and Thermal Spires, there’s a split-apart sunken vessel to explore. One of the creepiest parts of Subnautica is combing through wreckage only to get turned around, run low on oxygen, and panic when you can’t find your way back out.

Ice formations called Brinicles, plump Deep Lilypads, and Aurora Borealis round out the update.

Unknown Worlds also warned that the Lost Ship update is our last chance to play Below Zero‘s current story before the studio takes another stab at it in the next game update. I’m feeling the pressure!