I don't think I could eat this GameCube gingerbread masterpiece


It’s almost as exciting as the original design

There’s something about the GameCube that’s just fun.

It’s not my favorite console, accompanying controller, or library by a longshot. But it’s super fun to hook up and mess around with. Maybe the magic is in the four WaveBird configuration. Or the super weird yet amazing way you have to jury rig together multiple pieces of hardware to play Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.

Either way, it makes for a hell of agraham cracker/gingerbread house. Crafted by Twitter user and artist Jackary Art, it features the full GameCube design, as well as two remotes (and people!), a TV, and a crude image of Smash Meleeon a piece of cardboard doubling as the TV. I am completely here for the crudeness.

My gingerbread-fu is fairly strong, but not this creative! This is exactly the sort of chicanery we need at the end of this tough year. Now excuse me while I hook up my GameCube next to my never-unplugged Wii U.

Jackary Art [Twitter]