I foresee many a Joy-Con being broken when Overcooked hits Switch


The joys of cooking with friends

Overcooked was a bit of a sleeper hit last year. The game is uproariously fun with a bunch of friends, but not many people seem to know of its existence. The general premise has you cooking food in a kitchen where you need to communicate with your friends under a tight deadline. You also need to avoid obstacles like tables flying in your direction because someone thought it was smart to build a restaurant on the back of a semi and put it on the highway. It’s insane!

This week, Switch owners will be able to get in on the cooking action when Overcooked: Special Edition lands on July 27. The game will feature local cooperative play with four single Joy-Con controllers, so it really won’t take much effort to get a full game going.

Very excited that we can finally announce Overcooked will be coming to Nintendo Switch on… July 27th!! pic.twitter.com/O67BW204eY

— Overcooked 🍽 (@Overcookedgame) July 24, 2017

Despite me generally preferring PC ports of multi-platform games, I think I’m more inclined to nab Overcooked on Switch. It would be a lot easier to get friends involved since I can take my Switch literally anywhere. I could just see a bunch of friends sitting in an airport, waiting for their flight and screaming about burnt steaks or unchopped onions. The TSA will love that.

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