I have your weekend plans set: A Celeste mod that puts Kirby into the game


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Celeste is a monster hit, particularly when you factor in that the vast majority of the game’s development was handled by two people. It’s since become a critical and commercial indie darling, even sharing the main stage at award ceremonies with AAA projects: I think people are going to be playing and thinking about it for a long, long time.

Naturally, when a mod featuring Kirby pops up on my feed, I perk right up. It’s called “Ingeste,” and is basically a take on the original Celeste (the prototype that came before the full retail release) but with Kirby’s floating powers and soundtrack mixed in. The creator says that they were inspired by a particular scene in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! cartoon where Kirby takes a nap in the middle of the battle, and it comes to light that Kirby’s biggest strength is his ability to relax, thus effortlessly shirking negative thoughts at any given moment.

Given the heavy themes of mental health in Celeste, they put two and two together and decided to craft Ingeste.

Ingeste [Itch.io] Thanks John!