I hope Wreck-It Ralph 2 destroys Silicon Valley


Wreck it again, Ralph

While “wreck it, ralph” describes most of my sexual escapades, I think Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, which introduces its titular lead in a world alongside Bowser, Zangief, and Pac-Man, had a lot of appeal. And it wasn’t just a pandering appeal to gamers; it was respectful, had a good story, and was directed by the dude what directed Futurama‘s “Roswell That Ends Well” (also Zootopia, which is great!).

Not sure that he’s directing the sequel, but Gisney (known to some as “Disney”) did finally, officially confirm a sequel in the works.

“I’m gonna wreck it!” Again! @DisneyAnimation confirms Wreck-It Ralph sequel. Here’s a first look at concept art. pic.twitter.com/quJWoZ28Nz

— Disney (@Disney) June 30, 2016

Going by the concept art, it seems Ralph, who was briefly introduced to new, violent and modern Call of Duty-style games in the first movie, is now leaving the dusty arcades for some parody of Silicon Valley and all the biggest tech companies (Gügle et al). Maybe a resurgence in retro popularity turns Ralph into a mobile game? Maybe he goes viral, some kind of raph infection?

Anyways, I hope he wrecks the shit out of these Silicon Valley analogs and all the techies move out of San Francisco so I can go back to having a half decent life.