I miss Monkey Ball, so I'll probably play Polyball


Watch the trailer

I miss Super Monkey Ball so much. Granted, I still have my copy, and I’m into Monkey Target now more than ever, but a proper new console game would also be nice, y’know? If it ended up being junk, I could always just return to the good old stuff. Win back my trust, Sega!

Yeah, right. Maybe one day. Stepping back into reality, there’s Polyball. It’s playable now on Steam Early Access ($14.99) with a couple of months to go before full release. Monkey Ball and Marble Blast fans especially will want to give this a once-over. It looks promising.

The current Windows-only build has around 45 levels, customization, ghosts, and controller support. Studio Monolith plans to add more levels, Steam Workshop support for mods, and online/local multiplayer alongside mechanic tuning and level balancing in future updates. Good trailer:

Polyball [Steam Early Access]