I need to stop procrastinating on playing the best video games ever made


Podtoid 434

This weekend was easily the best I’ve had yet in 2020. Not because it was an extended week or I did anything amazing; no, this weekend was the best because I finally took the time to play Batman: Arkham Asylumthrough to the end and my God it is one of the best games I’ve ever played. The setting, the story, the performances, the gameplay, all of it top notch and just the kick in the jeans I needed to get me exciting about gaming again.

That game is just one of the topics covered in this episode of Podtoid. I’m joined by Charlotte, Chris, and Occams as we talk about it, Animal Crossingtroubles,Siege, steel drum music, sucking toes, speed running, and Dick Tracy. All that, plus a new installment of Crap Criminals, on Podtoid Episode 434.

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