I present to you: The first Destructoid hedgehog


Do not steal

I’m proud to announce we’ve finally peaked, we’ve come to the long-awaited destination, we’ve created a hedgehog. But, not just any hedgehog, the Destructoid hedgehog. Now before anyone decides to leave “name suggestions,” let me be as clear as possible — he has no name. As the original creator of the Destructoid hedgehog, I can confirm our hedgehog is nameless, as he finds “names” to be pointless.

To see an early concept of our hedgehog in action, please watch our video review for Sonic Forces below:

Before anyone asks or leaves a snarky comment down below regarding our hedgehog’s speed, let me clarify: he is faster than Sonic. At the start of the video review he is simply matching the speed of Sonic, okay? It would be stupid (like you thinking Sonic is faster) for one hedgehog to be faster than the other in a 3D platformer, with the camera focused on only one of them.

I will now detail our hedgehog’s ability list to further clear up any potential questions:

  • Faster than Sonic
  • Can teleport and has psychic abilities that are more powerful than Silver
  • Doesn’t need rings
  • Can time travel (like in Sonic CD)
  • Can use chaos control without a chaos emerald
  • Can create clones of himself
  • Can access super transformation without the chaos emeralds
  • Can also achieve ascended super transformation, but only if you own Sonic Shuffle on Dreamcast and collect all the precious stones (I won’t be sharing further details on this, at this time)

Our hedgehog will also be receiving merchandising, upcoming video games, and his own standalone universe. However, I should also warn you: In the coming days as I continue to play Sonic Forces, if I spot any rentable user-created characters that are similar in design to our hedgehog, there will be consequences for your actions.

Do not steal our original content, thank you.