I really want this KFC and Resident Evil Village dating sim crossover to be real


The Colonel returns to quench hunger, thirst

Y’all are straight-up thirsty. The recent craze over Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Villagehas really exposed a lot of folks for their giant vampire lady fetish, showing that yes, gamers can and will get turned on by anything.

Well, this is what it’s like when worlds collide. My fetish, stupid fast food-based video games, is meeting yours with KFC Dating Simulator 2.

KFC Dating Simulator: Part 2

A tall order to say the least… pic.twitter.com/RLie5R4hTO

— KFC Gaming (@kfcgaming) February 5, 2021

Little is known of this sequel to 2019’s premiere fast-food chain dating game, but judging from the tweet above, KFC is really trying to capitalize on the giant vamp zeitgeist. It’s likely just a one-off Twitter joke, but joke games have become real games before. Ask anyone who enjoyed Cat Girl without Salad: Amuse-Bouche.I’m personally hoping that they manage to fit the Colonel into the Resident Evil canon:

Lost in the frozen European wilds, Chris Redfield stumbles upon an ancient village afflicted with a curse. As he battles the lupine forces that oppress him, he meets the village chef: Colonel Sanders. At first a welcome sight, Lady Dimitrescu enters the fray, causing a divide between the odd threesome. Redfield and Sanders battle it out using both fists and forks to win the giant heart of the countess.

Then a giant boulder appears, and well, you know the rest.

Whether this is just for a laugh or something a bit more real, let’s just hope if it actually gets made, it releases on both Steam and the KFConsole.