I scream, you scream: Steam's Summer Sale just started


Now through July 5

Nothing screams summer like staying inside to play some video games. It truly is the best way to Beat the Heat. Just remember to draw the shades so the sun doesn’t burn you through the window!

Anyone looking to make their dollar go further might do well to check out Steam’s just-launched Summer Sale. As always, there are 600 billion games discounted (all numbers approximate), so you’ll have to dig deep if you want to see everything that’s cheap(er).

However, there are daily deals worth checking out. Some choice picks are Ni No Kuni II($35.99), Grim Dawn($7.49), and Tyranny($15.29). These rotate every day throughout the sale’s two-week duration, so maybe it’s a good idea to pop in periodically. [Correction:They aren’t daily deals. The highlighted items on the front page rotate, but everything is the same sale price for the full two weeks.]

Also, the Summer Sale has a distinct alien theme this year. There’s even a browser game called Summer Saliens. Aside from being a neat little distraction, it’s also a way to earn up to three trading cards per day.

Steam’s Summer Sale is live now and runs through July 5. Go get yourself some games.

The Intergalactic Summer Sale [Steam]