I think we've all collectively suffered the same fate as the person in this hilarious Monster Hunter Rise clip



Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

You’re about to square up with a creature in a Monster Huntergame. You just upgraded your weapon and it’s fully sharpened. And you’ve cooked enough supplies and are all packed and ready to go. You step up to the plate, and you get knocked off a cliff or into some other hazard. Yep, sounds about right.

This clip shared by ThomasWiig on Redditof their tango with aRathian is so relatable it hurts. That leaping tail cleave sounded like such a good idea on paper, but right at the apex of the jump, the monster roars and basically punches them off a cliff. Undeterred, they climb back up with a wirebug and all the stamina they can muster, and a wing buffet knocks them on their ass again. Classic.

Now there’s ways to combat this, as the game offers “roar resist,” you can use a Wirebug recovery, and you can approach the monster in such a way that would avoid this sort of situation. But still, with the Wirebug on offer in the game, why not use it to zip around everywhere? Just remember it could go horribly wrong.

I think what makes the video for me is the bone-crunching sounds of pain that the hunter experiences when they fall.

F**k me, right? [Reddit]

F**k me, right? from r/MonsterHunter