I thought I was tired of roguelike platformers, but GoNNER suggests otherwise


I like the way it moves

As much as I don’t think I need another super-tough platformer with roguelike elements in my life, maybe I do! I dig the unusual art and clickety-clackety sound design of GoNNER.

Screenshots don’t do the aesthetic much justice. This trailer is where it’s at:

While the hopping off walls and monster shooting would be sufficiently cool on its own, there is a story buried in here somewhere, and it’s pretty strange. You play as the “altruistic” Ikk while he’s on an adventure to find a trinket for his only friend, “a giant landbound whale named Sally.”

“With Death as his mentor, supplying both a multitude of abilities and arsenal for Ikk to use, Ikk traverses an ever-changing land full of unwieldy creatures who don’t appreciate his trespassing or his friend Sally. Several different environments, arduous bosses, hidden secrets, multiple endings, and more await Ikk on his journey to make one person happy even if it kills him—which it certainly will.”

So, yes, that part in the video where Ikk lost his head and the grim reaper tossed him a new one? For once, you weren’t seeing things. That happened.

GoNNER is supposed to release this summer for Windows and Mac via Steam. Steven says he’s booked to try it out in a couple of weeks at the Game Developers Conference, and if we’re on our best behavior until then, maybe he’ll bring us back some gifs.