I want to scan everything in Subnautica


The H2.0 update is live

Welp, I think they’ve done it. I think I need to get Subnautica and spend the weekend scouring the depths for weird alien creatures. It was a good run while it lasted!

My original plan for this underwater exploration title was to wait for Unknown Worlds to exit Steam Early Access, but the new H2.0 update adds a tool for scanning the flora and fauna — a feature I find irresistible in video games. That’s a big addition, but there are others, too.

Work has gone into improving the way the ocean looks near the surface and deep below where, presumably, the Bad Things roam. “Daylight and artificial light sources are now affected realistically by depth and surrounding geology,” reads the update summary.

“Caves will often be in total darkness, illuminated only by thin shafts of light. Moving into deeper biomes will change the mood substantially — you’ll have to rely on natural bioluminescence and your own jerry-rigged sources of light to chart Subnautica‘s true depths.”

You can see the before-and-after in this video:

Existing players should also be pleased to know that the Fabricator now produces “proper 3D models” for a “wide variety of items” instead of just placeholder-y cubes.

Lastly, get a load of this skybox. Holy hell!