I would have bought this custom Transformers NES Zapper in a hot second


Transform and roll out of that box

Transformersreally knew how to work kids into a buying frenzy back in the day. Certain characters were even designed specifically for the show to be appealing toy prospects, and Megatron, which transformed into a literal gun, was a perfect match.

Custom creator Simon Smith put two and two together and decided: “hey, Nintendo totally could have partnered up with the Transformersfranchise back in 1985,” and decided to craft their own crossover in the form of a Nintendo Zapper: the classic gun accessory for the NES.

Smith event went through the effort to craft a picture-perfect box, which has a view window and a rework of the back panel that shows an entire family gathering around a tiny TV to murder ducks for fun and sport. Smith says they get their original Megatron toys for works like this (one of the key components for this custom) from “eBay and friends.”

According to them, this model has sold (alongside of a second creation) and “there’s a line forming” for more orders. If this was real my parents never would have bought this for me; but I would have remembered it forever.

Simon Smith [Facebook] Thanks Rich!