Icky puzzle game World of Goo gets a free remaster on PC


Just in time for Epic Games Store giveaway

The critically acclaimed puzzle game World of Goo is getting a free remaster on PC soon. Bringing the game up to the quality standards of the Switch port, PC owners will now be able to play the icky, gooey game at resolutions higher than 800×600. A lot of the artwork has been redrawn, the HUD better scales to different resolutions, there are fewer bugs on modern systems, and other quality-of-life improvements from the Switch version are now present.

If you don’t want any of these new features, an option to run the original release will be present. It will retain the original art and UI, making for a suitably 2008 experience. If that someone isn’t enough, all of the encryption on the art and save files has been removed to allow for easier modding. That should allow you to tweak World of Goo to your wildest imagination.

Currently, the update is only available for people that bought the game directly from developer 2DBoy. It will be rolling out to other digital distribution platforms in the coming days, which is mighty convenient for tomorrow’s free game on the Epic Games Store. World of Goo will be going free for two weeks and will likely include all of the remastered textures and features from the get-go. Now you have no reason to not play this.

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