Iconoclasts is headed to Nintendo Switch this year


With a new Boss Rush mode

Nintendo Switch owners won’t have to wait indefinitely for Joakim Sandberg’s wonderful action-adventure title Iconoclasts. As confirmed by the developer today, it’s officially coming over.

Gasp, #Iconoclasts is coming to #Switch! I look forward to new people experiencing my game and thanks for support if you did already 🧡

I’ll be adding to all changing difficulty as you load game, a difficulty that lets you get past harder challenges without dying and Boss Rush! pic.twitter.com/4yXbmwy7c3

— Joakim Sandberg (@konjak) April 10, 2018

The Switch version is being handled by MP2 Games, the studio behind ports of games like Noitu Love Devolution, Not a Hero, and Freedom Planet. It’s said to be out “later this year.”

Destructoid’s own Nic Rowen gave the game a 9.5 out of 10 earlier this year, writing: “Iconoclasts might be a delightful action-adventure romp, but it’s also a look at oppression, what it’s like to live life outside the lines. That’s where Iconoclasts lives too, outside the lines. Of its genre, its inspirations, and its expectations. It’s a delightful surprise, the kind that doesn’t come around often enough.”

I can already tell this is just going to feel right on Switch.

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