If amiibo were still in their heyday, we probably would have officially gotten these Bowser's Fury fan creations


Fury Bowser and Giga Cat shine

Nintendo has really dropped off with their amiibo production in the last several years. Just give this huge list a quick glance. I’ll wait!

You can see the huge drop in 2018 following a big 2017 showing, and even bigger reductions going forward. In 2020, just four amiibo were released. For the recent 3D World + Bowser’s Furyport, Cat Mario and Cat Peach came out, but the other “big” amiibo launch was a re-release of Bowser and Bowser Jr.

If times were different and amiibo still had the same momentum as the days of old, we likely would have gotten these great custom creations from darkdreamr. Based around the Giga Cat power-up from Bowser’s Furyand ol’ Fury Bowser himself, these look line unique figures; not to mention they’d probably have cooler effects than the existing cat ones do.

Creator darkdreamr explains their crafting process, noting: “Bowser was airbrushed with a pearlescent black, the fire effects were hand painted, then sprayed with a gloss, mud paint was added to the base after Mario’s hair was sculpted then painted gold.” It reminds me of some people who painted their Mario figurine gold when the Gold Mario amiibo was tough to find!

Giga cat Mario and Fury bowser custom amiibo [darkdreamr]