If Donkey Kong were a real gorilla, he might be dead


Happy birthday you banana-hoarding beast

A quick Google search suggests the average lifespan for a gorilla is in the neighborhood of 35 years.

As it turns out, Donkey Kong, Nintendo’s premier primate, turns 35 today. Were a real ape, DK probably wouldn’t have many more years ahead of him. And given his tendency to kidnap women, my guess is zoo keepers would have shot him dead many, many years ago.

35 years a damn long time, longer than I’ve been on this Earth. For him to not only still be relevant today, but also starring in some of the best games of this generation, shows how great game design can help build a lasting legacy. Sure, the Donkey Kong series has had its share of low points, but between those valleys are peaks most other platformer franchises could only dream of reaching.

Which Donkey Kong game is your favorite? Are you a fan of his arcade roots or the superior GameBoy remake? Perhaps you prefer the Countryseries from Rare and Retro Studios? Maybe theMario vs. Donkey Kongspin-offs are your jam? Or could it be you’re like me and have a soft spot for King of Swing and Jungle Climber? Let us know in the comments below!