If you can believe it, Konami is giving us free DLC on Friday for Super Bomberman R


A new level and some tweaks

[Update: That ended up being four levels and two accessories. Right on.]

As was confirmed several weeks ago, Konami will be supporting Super Bomberman Rpost-launch with more content and tweaks. I was initially shocked to see that after booting the game up that there were no microtransactions on board, and now I’m just as surprised that the very same Konami that parades its franchises as gambling platforms is giving us free shit.

Alas, if you play Bomberman Ron Switch, you’ll be able to update to version 1.3 on Friday, which brings a new stage along with it, as well as difficulty changes and other bug fixes. The game has plenty of room for improvement overall, but more free stuff isn’t a bad thing.

Let’s see if Konami can keep this up for their other upcoming releases. I can’t keep a straight face while saying that out loud, but it could happen.

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