If you can't wait for Uncharted 4, maybe play the mobile Fortune Hunter


Taking a page from Lara Croft GO

I haven’t played Uncharted 4: A Thief’s Endyet, but Steven’s reviewconvinced me to pick it up day one. Somehow I had prevented my stone heart from becoming excited at the prospect of crouching behind cover and making quips while shooting faces, even though I loved the first two games. It’s going to be a long wait ’til Tuesday. Sony cleverly planned an early review embargo to increase anticipation, and even released a new mobile game today to help people get their Nathan Drake fix.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunterlooks to be a turn-based puzzle game somewhat similar to Lara Croft GO. I’m downloading it now to give it a shot, but even if it ends up not being too great, there are unlockables that tie in to A Thief’s End. New weapon skins and outfits (I definitely need a newsboy hat for Drake) for the multiplayer mode are earned through completing various challenges. You can find it on Google Playor the Apple Store.