If you get banned from Overwatch's competitive mode or lose ranking, it might be a bug


Blizzard is working on it

Overwatch has been a pretty smooth ride in terms of massive bugs, and even this new one has been cited as fairly rare, despite its gargantuan nature.

According to a bunch of players on the official forums, their accounts have been getting instant competitive play bans, or have lost a random amount of ranking points. The big seems to be tied to disconnects that aren’t the fault of the player when loading a map, which forfeit the match.

This isn’t just hearsay as director Jeff Kaplan has commented on the matter, explaining that the issue is a “high priority” and that they’re going to be removing the bans as soon as possible. According to Kaplan, fewer than 200 accounts have been impacted.

The fact that the Overwatchteam bothers to even listen to that many people in a game with millions of players is fascinating. Kaplan and his team have forged quite a reputation for themselves since the game’s beta phase, and are putting a lot of other “games as a service” competitors to shame.

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