If you lose your ship in Dreadnought, you get put in a dinky little jet


In one mode, at least

Everything we’ve seen of Dreadnoughtthus far has been relatively low stakes. Sure, your ships are big — and it’s not good when they blow up — but you’ll come back strong as ever after a short wait. That’s how Team Deathmatch works, standard as always.

With this Team Elimination video, everything changes. Caution is of the utmost importance, because once that’s gone, you don’t get it back. At least not until next round. However, you’re not left to sit about twiddling your thumbs, either. You’re temporarily outfitted with a fighter jet which seems akin to little more than tossing pebbles at a tank.

Yager says that several jets teamed up can make for a formidable foe. Maybe you can be a hero and take down one of the last remaining ships on the opposing team. Although, it doesn’t seem like those behemoths would be much more inconvenienced than a giant swatting at flies.