If you need to brighten up your day, Cat Link is the way to do it


The hero of our hearts (and Hyrule)

My cats are amazing. Not just because they’re my pets, but because they do amazing cat things all the time. I don’t thin they could pull off this ensemble though (mostly because my older feline hates it when any sort of garment is put on her).

Found on Reddit, this heroic cat just pulls off the Link look so well. Not only is it wearing the cap, but the full outfit, complete with the Master Sword, armguards, and chainmail. The themeing is perfect too for this photoshoot with the rock motif and the stained glass window.

But seriously, mad props for getting a cat to stand still long enough to take this photo! I usually have to tempt my youngest cat with food to stay put.

Amazing Link Cosplay [Reddit]