If you play the Kirby Battle Royale demo now, you can unlock Meta Knight in the full version


Europe has it now

Kirby Battle Royale is kind of squeaking by without much fanfare, but that’s kind of the case for all of the Kirby spinoffs on 3DS. As of today in Europe you can grab a demo for it though, which will provide an instant unlock for Meta Knight (who is unlocked anyway when you complete the campaign) when you spring for the full version — the demo will sport three of the game’s 10 modes.

For those who aren’t aware, this spinoff is a top-down arena battle game that supports up to four players, and a handful of copy abilities. Think of it like a series of Mario Partybattle games with various modes and a handful of characters (which are mostly just versions of Kirby).

Battle Royale is out next month in Europe and Japan, and in January in North America.

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