If you want the Switch Online N64 controller, you'll have to wait until 2022


Luckily it wasn’t sold out instantly

Oh hey, “perfect” timing! So I was just talking about how the Switch Online N64 controller was a triumph, despite the actual Switch Online Expansion Pack coming up short. And now you can’t get one. Sometimes life just works out like that.

Right there on the official N64 controller page is the rundown:

“Limit 4 per Nintendo Account More controllers will be available in 2022.”

After seemingly endless customer service emails, the note to inform people of when a restock would be happening finally popped up in the last 24 hours. Thankfully they weren’t one of those “gone in 60 seconds [or less]” nonsense deals, as they were up for some time, and require a Switch Online account to purchase: enforcing an extra hurdle for scalpers.

Note that the NES, SNES, and Genesis pads are still available. So while the Switch Online N64 controller seems to be a hot ticket item, it should return, and at some point once market saturation has been hit, it should be there to stay.

As polarizing as the controller is, it warms my heart to see this crazy boomerang causing a frenzy. It took me a while to get used to it, but once I did, it became embedded in my brain as a classic.