If you want to move your Nioh 2 save file from PS4 to PS5, here's the process


You’ll have to manually upload your data inside the PS4 version before swapping over to Nioh 2 Remastered

If you’re upgrading your copy of Nioh 2 to the remastered PS5 version, you’re almost certainly going to want to bring over your save file rather than start from scratch. There’s a little more involved in the transferring process than I was expecting, and if you’re looking for pointers, Team Ninja has us covered.

You can read the developer’s instructions on Twitter (along with visual aids), but I’ll recap them here.

Start with the PS4 version of Nioh 2 and go to the title screen – click into “System” and scroll down and select “Cross-Save Management.” In this menu, upload your PS4 save data to cloud storage.

Next, boot up the PS5 version of Nioh 2 with the same PlayStation Network account and head to the title screen – go into “System,” and pick “Cross-Save Management.” Now you can download your data.

This process needs to be repeated for every individual save file you want to bring over to PS5.

One other tidbit: to switch between the PS4 and PS5 editions, go to the game on your PS5 home screen, press the Options button (aka the “start” button), and choose the Game Version you want.

If you have the Nioh 2 season pass on PS4 and you’re seeing an error message about not having the “rights for the add-on required to resume the game with the downloaded character data,” try grabbing the equivalent PS5 DLC. I haven’t tested this myself yet (I will tonight), but I’ve seen that suggestion.