If you're good enough, you can score Trials of the Blood Dragon for free


Play the demo on July 22

Later this month, Ubisoft will give away copies of Trials of the Blood Dragon on PC, but there’s a very Trials catch: you have to complete the demo in 15 faults or less. Accomplish that, and you’ll earn the full game for free. It’s unclear how long it’ll be, or what specific levels are included, but I’m guessing this feat won’t be a cakewalk.

The demo itself will release via Uplay on July 22, 2016, so yes, the copy of the full title you’re potentially getting is through that platform as well. Assuming we don’t all forget about the promo by then, one of us will probably post a reminder. I nominate Brett.

As much as I don’t even want Trials of the Blood Dragon — I love both properties, but separately — there’s something about this challenge I find alluring. I need to know if I can pull it off!