If you're having trouble with Destiny's first King's Fall jumping puzzle, consult these GIFs


Also, a Golgoroth map

To this day I run into people who have issues with the King’s Fall jumping puzzle in Destiny‘s newest raid. It’s never a problem having to wait (or if they go to orbit), as you only need a certain amount of players to finish it, but people can get frustrated, which isn’t good. Thankfully, an intrepid Destinyplayer over on reddit created a cool looking 8-bit GIF (at variable speeds) to help people learn the pattern. Give it a look below and have it burned into your memory.

Additionally, someone else has crafted a 3D image of the maze before Golgoroth, in case you feel like doing the pressure plate puzzle. Check that out in the gallery.

King’s Fall Tomb Ship Jump Puzzle Animated 8-bit [reddit]