If you're using power armor in Fallout 4, you'll want this torso piece


Radiation for the nation

I’ve been really trying to break the “too good to use” curse in Fallout 4. Now that power armor consumes (semi) rare fusion cores whenever you use it, my natural instinct is to tinker and craft myself the perfect set of apocalypse defying protection — and promptly leave it hanging in my garage for the day I’ll really need it, like the BFG9000 of old. But I’m trying to rise above my baser tendencies and give myself permission to take the suit out on the occasional wasteland romp. With the chest piece I found last night, I think I’ll have an easier time than ever justifying that decision.

The Piezonucleic Torso is a legendary piece of gear that can be found in the Cambridge Polymer Labs (located east of Oberland Station across the river, or south of Collage Square, or just look at this map if you don’t feel like wandering). This unique piece of chest armor will convert radiation into AP for you to burn. In high radiation areas or against enemies like ghouls, glowing vermin, or anyone using a gamma gun, you’ll have more AP than you know what to do with (very handy for a high STR, low AGI, power armor wearing characters).

The type of power armor it spawns as is always high quality (mine came with a cool mod) but seems dependent on your level. So if you really want to finish off your X-01 suit in style you may want to wait until late game to pick it up.

You’ll have to finish a little quest to get your hands on it. I won’t spoil it because I thought it was actually one of the more clever and interesting quests I’ve been on so far (not just another “clean the raiders out of this old warehouse” job again), but I will warn you to save before entering if you’re the type to get claustrophobic. You might be stuck in the Cambridge Polymer Labs a little longer than you’d like.