Ikaruga targets PC release via Steam Greenlight


Potentially the first of many Treasure shmups coming to Steam

Ikarugadescended upon Steam Greenlight today, joining the myriad of prospective releases awaiting approval in Valve’s Soviet bread line.

The legendary shoot-’em-up initially launched in Japanese arcades back in 2001, but has since made its way to the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox 360, and Android devices. Elegantly designed and fiercely challenging, the title is renowned for its polarity mechanic, which allows players to absorb oncoming fire.

The Steam release will be an enhanced version of the relatively recent Xbox 360 port and will feature local two-player co-op astride all the original content. Japanese developer Treasure, the team behind a host of acclaimed arcade shooters ranging fromSin & Punishment: Star SuccessortoGunstar Heroes, hopes this will be just the first of several titles from its catalog to arrive on Steam.

PerhapsIkaruga‘s equally excellent spiritual predecessor, Radiant Silvergun,will be the next to make the jump to PC. Here’s hoping.

Ikaruga [Steam Greenlight]