I'll take any snippet I can get of Ni No Kuni 2


Here’s how the new map looks

I could listen to the music from the Ni No Kuni series all day. It’s whimiscal, beautiful, and sometimes haunting. It’s just a wonderful little series all around, and Ni No Kuni2is one of my most anticipated games ever — the original was one of the few Platinums I actually felt compelled to finish, just because I wanted to find more excuses to play it.

And these little clips of Ni No Kuni 2can keep on coming at a drip-fed pace, because they’re all a joy to watch. The one below “To the Kingmaker’s Mound” shows off some of the new world map design (and the overworld chibi style avatars), as well as some exploration and combat elements.

It all looks good!If you want more, the official site has updated data for the main character and boy king Evan, as well as party members Roland and Tani and the supporting cast.