I'm digging Microsoft's HoloLens more than traditional VR


VR lite, or AR if you will

The Microsoft HoloLensMinecraftdemonstration at E3 blew me away. While I’m still skeptical that it will actuallywork as well as it did on-stage in a perfectly tuned environment, this video sure makes it look practical, as it demonstrates the uses of the HoloLens in a medical context. They also get bonus points for replicating the real field of view in the video, giving you an idea of what it’s like to wear it.

My biggest holdup? The fact that Microsoft said it would cost “significantly more” than an Xbox One. I’m not spending hundreds of dollars on a Rift, Morpheus, a HoloLens, and whatever other proprietary VR gear comes out in the next year. I’ve tried VR, I like it, but not enough to throw cash at it.