I'm getting a kick out of Golden Gun in Rainbow Six Siege


Come, come, Mr. Bond you derive as much pleasure from killing as I do

Ubisoft has set live its new Arcade Mode playlist in Rainbow Six Siege, which will bring fun rotational modes with wild ‘n’ wacky rulesets to the typically straight-laced shooter. The first mode is “Golden Gun,” and runs from March 19 until March 23.

For those of you not well-worn in the ways of the first-person-shooter, Golden Gun was a popular multiplayer mode in N64 classic Goldeneye 007. In Golden Gun, players carried the titular weapon – as wielded by Francisco Scaramanga in one of the very worst Bond movies – and battled it out in a “one-hit-kills” deathmatch scenario.

This classic mode translates surprisingly well to Siege. Two teams of five players pick from a stripped-down selection of Attackers and Defenders, before engaging in lightning-fast Best-of-Three sets on the newly reworked Oregon map. The Golden Gun Deagle auto-reloads after each shot and can punch a meaty hole into dry-walls. Most importantly, the rag-doll physics have been ramped up, to raise a smile from time-to-time.

It should be noted that Operators still have access to their respective gadgets – a key element in regards to your Golden Gun character choice. You also still have your trusty melee knife, so if you miss at close range, you’d do well get a bit stabby-stabby, rather than wait for a reload.

Undeniably simple, Golden Gun still makes for a fast-paced and fun way to let off some steam between lengthy and intense ranked sets, and provides a welcome alternative to Terrorist Hunt (recently re-named “Training Grounds”). Be sure to check it out before the weekend is through. I’m looking forward to seeing what other dopey modes Ubisoft has planned.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.