I'm obsessed with the new Razer x Hello Kitty collection


So cute it hurts

As a gamer with more feminine taste, I’m always looking for pink gaming peripherals to break up the sea of black plastic and red LEDs. Initially released back in 2019, Razer’s Quartz collection gave fans what they had been waiting for with a line of baby pink gaming accessories, including a mouse, microphones, a keyboard, and most famously, a headset with cat ears on it. The line of peripherals flooded our social media feeds, with e-girls, e-boys, and e-nbies alike finally being able to complete their soft gaming aesthetic.

After collaborating with Street Fighter and Super Monkey Ball, Hello Kitty is back on the scene with her own Razer capsule collection. If you thought the Quartz collection was cute, just wait until you see the new headset, mouse, mousepad, and gaming chair that are dropping as part of the Razer x Saniro collab, each item branded with Hello Kitty and her friends.

Razer’s Kraken BT headset is one of their staples, and this time it’s decked out with white cat ears, complete with Kitty White’s signature bow for $119.99. The mousepad and keyboard are self-explanatory, but equally as adorable, and will run you $64.99 for the set. The $499 Iskur X chair is the real star of the show here, and also has the option to come with a lumbar support pillow for an extra $59.99.

Razer's Hello Kitty gaming line

I am currently sitting on a cheap IKEA desk chair that has been scratched to all hell by my own cats, and I can tell you that it’s taking everything in my power not to buy this chair.

I don’t even need a new gaming headset, but the siren song of the Hello Kitty ears is calling to me. The fact that I’m this tempted to drop the cash shows what a great move this was on Razer’s part, because I get the feeling they’re going to have trouble keeping this stuff in stock.