I'm ready for the controlled chaos of Bright Memory: Infinite


The Last of Shelia

As part of the Future Games Show, held this weekend as part of the gamescom festivities, developer FYQD-Studio and publisher Playism released a new trailer for the upcoming hybrid action title Bright Memory: Infinite.

The new video sees special agent Shelia receive a new mission from her agency, SRO, before tooling up and heading out of her apartment, ready to face off against another realm-breaking phenomenon. Arriving at the mission location in the midst of a violent electrical storm, Shelia grapples, slices, and shoots her way through a squad of enemies, before finally facing off against a frightening samurai-like villain – but where, (or when), did this ferocious opponent come from?

As previously reported, Bright Memory: Infinite is a fast-paced action title that combines gun-and-sword play with swift movement and physics-defying special abilities. I’ve previously described the title as akin to a first-person Devil May Cry in concept. Famously, Bright Memory: Infinite is almost entirely the work of a single individual, which makes its top-tier visuals all the more impressive. With its wild gameplay and strong Battle Angel Alita vibe, Bright Memory: Infinite is high on my watchlist.

Bright Memory: Infinite is in development for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Its short prologue, Bright Memory, is available now on PC. Purchasing the prologue on PC will also gain you access to the full game on launch.