I'm really feeling this Blizzard/Heroes of the Storm fan art


High Priestess Maiev and Protess Executor Lunara

If you haven’t played Heroes of the Storm, find a friend that has and have them onboard you using the free client. I’ve been playing it since its alpha, and I’ve found it to be a refreshing, sometimes flawed truncated take on the MOBA genre that has this Warcraft IIImod DOTA fan enamored. Again, it’s not as deep or as hardcore as Leagueor other DOTAanalogs, but it manages to nail that sub 20-minute match feel with a lot of style and panache.

Part of that style is from its community, who have inspired the direction of the game on occasion, and put forth their own ideas as a wishlist of sorts. You can add these two skins on top of Janitor Leoric.

Created by “DeiX,” High Priest[ess] Maiev and Protoss Executor Lunara are lovely skins that I’d pick up in a heartbeat. Maiev of course is a Warcraftstaple, and Lunara, for those of you who don’t play Heroes, is a dryad character created for Heroesbut based off of the Warcraftrace.

Yep, stunning! They even accounted for new themed abilities.

Fan Art [Reddit via BDMike233]