I'm so hype for Bright Memory: Infinite, coming to Xbox Series X


Xbox Elit-a

Xbox kicked off this morning’s Inside Xbox presentation with fresh new footage from cyberpunk shooter Bright Memory: Infinite, FYQD-Studios’ exciting first-person shooter.

Still rocking its slick Battle Angel: Alita vibe, Bright Memory: Infinite will see cybernetically-enhanced SRO agent Shelia shoot ‘n’ slice her way through hazardous, weather-intensive, beautifully realised worlds – made all the more amazing by the fact that the game is the work of a single developer, FYQD’s Zeng Xiancheng. Today’s new trailer debuted some destructive driving footage.

I ain’t sleeping on this release.

Bright Memory: Infinite is in development for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Its short prologue, Bright Memory, is available now on PC.