In case you didn't realize, Snipperclips is getting a 'Plus' expansion very soon


It deserves it

When people asked me what to get when the Switch first launched, I usually told them “Snipperclips,” immediately. “No Zelda?” they said. Well, I kind of assumed you were getting Zelda already, but a lot of people had never even heard of the wonderful new Snipperclips IP, which wormed its way into my heart with adorable co-op.

Since then it’s sort of been buried on the Switch eShop, but it’ll get some new play once the expansion drops next month. It’s called “Snipperclips Plus,” and will add in 30 stages as well as some remixing. It’ll be accompanied by a new full “base and Plus” SKU, as well as an upgrade option for existing owners.

The below Plus trailer shows off some of the new content as well as the gist of the base edition, and I strongly suggest puzzle enthusiasts give it a watch!