In today's episode of Pregame Discharge: EGLX will have the showdown of the century!


The battle that could end video games as we know it!

That’s right! Two men (and maybe a Sex T-Rex)! One stage! Only one survivor! As well as today’s video game news you need in all the right places:

  • KFC Gaming is just another sign we’re in the worst timeline!
  • The Quiet Man still looks completely absurd!
  • Gooigi could be an eldritch horror and more!

Challengers to the throne come and go all the time, and this crudely drawn individual will be no different! What chance does this “Yahtzee” have against our own sleep-deprived and caffeine-addicted yellsman? Well, thankfully, I’ve done the math! I know Yahtzee’s tricks! That silly Australian upside-down fighting technique won’t mean a damn thing in the correct time zone!

In any other form of competition, one could argue there is a 50/50 chance of whoever winning. But, Lyle ain’t normal! You’ve got a 25% chance at best of beating him, then you add caffeine and pop-punk to the mix, and those chances drastically go down! On the main stage at EGLX, with the potential of the Sex T-Rex getting involved, you’ve normally got a 33 1/3% chance of winning.

Fact is, though, Lyle has a 66.7% chances of winning because the Sex T-Rex already knows he can’t win against Lyle. So, Yahtzee, you can take your 33% 1/3 chance of winning, minus Lyle’s 25% chance, and you’ve got a 8.1% chance of winning at EGLX (if you’re lucky). But, then you take Lyle’s 75% chance of winning (if this truly is one-on-one), and then add 66 and 2/3 percents chance of winning — Lyle now has 141% and 2/3 (+tax) chance of winning!

The numbers don’t lie Yahtzee and they spell disaster for you at EGLX!

Discharged Question of the week

What was your favorite crossover in video games?